Ultrasound Fund

Ultrasound Fund

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, but often a picture says more than words ever could, especially when it concerns your health. For Genny, an ultrasound picture saved her life.

Genny’s Story

“When a mammogram showed a suspicious mass on my left breast, it was then that I really began to understand how important it is to have excellent medical care close to home.

With two active teenage daughters, a full-time job, and a busy life, being able to have all the necessary steps to diagnose and treat my cancer 10 minutes from home was a life saver. Instead of having to travel an hour or two for my ultrasound and biopsy, I was able to have the procedure, and then head home to have dinner with my girls. When it was time for surgery, I had the peace of mind knowing all my family was close by, if some-thing were to happen. 

This is why having excellent medical care close to home matters!

We are so fortunate to live in Cheshire County, with Cheshire Medical Center right in our backyard. The technical care I received was as good as any “big city” hospital. That, combined with the amazing, caring staff at Cheshire, made a life-changing diagnosis have the best possible outcome.”

Will you support the Ultrasound Fund and Cheshire’s patients by helping us purchase three new ultrasound units?

As Genny says, “You take things for granted until you really need them. I hope you will join me in NOT taking Cheshire for granted by making your donation today.”

And remember – every dollar you give stays right here to benefit local patient care.