Annual Fund

Ashley Thompson, RN and Chastity Hodgeson, RN

Annual Fund

Community support helps Cheshire Medical Center provide exceptional care close to home for all of us. Currently, Cheshire needs the help of our community to fund several types of specialized patient care equipment:

Fetal Monitor Units: For the safety of both mother and baby, women in labor are connected to fetal monitors, which track a baby’s heartbeat and the mother’s contractions. Traditional fetal monitoring units hook up to a bedside display; new fetal monitor units are wireless. These new units are more comfortable and more reliable.

Mobile C-Arm System: A C-arm machine is a mobile X-ray unit that provides live imaging. It’s primarily used during orthopedic and general surgeries, and urological procedures. The C-Arm provides high-resolution X-ray images in real time, which is particularly useful for guiding various diagnostic and interventional procedures. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation Elliptical Machine: During rehabilitation, many patients require a combination of aerobic exercise and low-impact, lower body strengthening. Elliptical machines are often used for these exercises. A new elliptical machine will adjust to stride length, accommodating both tall and short patients, while also providing a total body, low-impact workout.

Will you help Cheshire Medical Center purchase this specialized equipment?

Your support moves us closer to our mission of providing clinical and service excellence, collaboration, and compassion for every patient, every time.

Thank you.

Additional ways to make your gift:
By Mail:
The Cheshire Health Foundation
580 Court Street
Keene, NH 03431

By phone: (603) 354-6810
Jim Boden, Director of Annual Giving