For Employees

“After working here as a nurse for almost 40 years and providing care for the Keene community, I recognize the value of having a medical facility that cares for everyone, including patients who have financial hardships. My contributions help make things like that possible, and helps to provide needed technology for all patients.”

Lori Guyette, RN

2020-2021 Employee Giving Campaign

Imagine what we can do together!Please consider a gift via a payroll deduction; it’s an easy way to support the campaign!

Download the Donation and Payroll Deduction Form and forward it in a confidential inter-office envelope to the Development Office. Please contact Jim Boden at x6810 if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting Cheshire!

When you or a family member is ill or injured, where do you turn?

If you’re like most residents in the Monadnock region or a patient like Tim Barrett, you come to Cheshire Medical Center because you know you’ll receive the best care possible close to home.

Like most of us, Tim never had a reason to think that his life might depend on Cheshire Medical Center. After experiencing chest discomfort for 24 hours, Tim went to Cheshire’s Emergency Department.

“I chose Cheshire because my cardiologist works there and I knew they provide excellent care.”

Tests confirmed no abnormalities on Tim’s electrocardiogram (EKG), but because of his past medical history, Tim was told he would be spending the night at Cheshire Medical Center as a precaution. “I texted my wife, who was in Portland, Maine with my daughter and I explained what was happening. I told her I would let her know if my status changed,” says Tim.

“Well…things changed in a big way! At some point, my heart stopped beating and I became unresponsive. I was told that the amazing ER staff flew into action and CPR was started immediately.  I learned that a defibrillator was used and I was shocked numerous times to get my heart back into a normal rhythm. I was not able to breathe on my own, so I was intubated and a portable X-ray machine was used to ensure the tube was positioned correctly. Apparently, I had been ‘down’ for over 30 minutes before my heart started again. Thanks to Dr. Kapadia and her team, my life was saved,” Tim explained.

This is why your donation is so important to purchase vital life-saving medical equipment.

Each year, the Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Trustees determines the funding priority for the Annual Fund. Over the last few years, we have asked our staff to support the purchase of capital equipment to assist us in responding to the growing and significant needs of our Medical Center. We must be flexible to “spring into action” and purchase equipment when it unexpectedly fails, replacement parts are no longer available, or technology changes.

Please consider making a gift today. This year we need your help to upgrade the equipment that saved Tim’s life.

Our current portable X-ray machine uses old image processing technology and the vendor no longer services with replacement parts. Bringing the latest portable digital X-ray technology to Cheshire Medical Center allows our physicians to view their patient’s images in less than one minute and make treatment decisions at the patient’s bedside.

Our 17 crash cart defibrillators have reached the end of their useful life. At Cheshire, “crash carts” are positioned strategically throughout the hospital. The new defibrillators have several advantages, i.e., they provide audible and visual feedback on the quality of the clinician’s CPR. For example, if a nurse is not pushing deep enough or the compression rate is too slow, the machine tells them to “push harder” or prompts the nurse to take other corrective action. In addition, the devices are smaller. They have a longer battery life and record all data, allowing for performance assessment and training.

You are an important part of our healthcare team. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of our patients every single day.


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