Dr. Donald Mazanowski - Family Medicine

Ashley Thompson, RN and Chastity Hodgeson, RN

Dr. Donald Mazanowski

We are incredibly fortunate to have had Dr. Mazanowski as a primary care physician here at Cheshire Medical Center for the past 33 years.  He has served the greater Monadnock region with excellent care, deep compassion, and dedication.

Dr. Mazanowski is retiring this June. Since joining our organization in 1988, “Dr. Maz” has built the trust and respect of both his patients and our staff, and many of us are very fond of him.

If you have been touched by Dr. Mazanowski’s warmth and care, we invite you to honor him by making a gift to the Cheshire Health Foundation.  Your donation will support our Family Medicine Department.  And your thoughtfulness will put a smile on his face.

For more information about making your gift, please contact:

By phone: (603) 354-6868
Katherine Richardson, Director of Leadership Giving