Circle of Gratitude Honorees


The Circle of Gratitude was created by the Cheshire Health Foundation to provide grateful patients and families with a way to express their gratitude to our dedicated physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and staff. Gifts are used to further the health and wellness mission of Cheshire Medical Center.

Below are a few photographs of some of our honorees (noted by an *). For a full listing of honored employees, please scroll to the bottom. Thank you to our patients who took the time to show their gratitude for these staff members!

Laurie Goodrich, RN*, Mindy Glasschroeder, RN*, Molly Lower, RN*, Janelle Black, RN*, Linda Kassotis, RN*, Brooke Paige, RN*, Mallory Armstrong, RN*, and Kim Braught, RN*

Shelly Mitchell, LNA*
Michelle Penna, Clinical Leader, GI/Special Services

Terri Skantze, RN*, Krys Hamilton, RN*, Kim Ginsberg, LNA*, and Megan Harvey, RN*

Doug MacNeil, APRN*, Jess Lussier, RN, JD Morse, ED Tech*, and Colleen Lauer, RN*

Bruce Chamberlain, Director of Rehabilitation
Joy Eck, Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator*
Mary Ann Riley, Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator*
Don Caruso, President/CEO
Brian Stoning, Outpatient Therapy Manager

Sarah Healey, RN*
Amy Matthews, Senior Director, Patient Care Services

Front row (L-R): Michelle Chamberlain* and Michelle Richard*
Back row (L-R): Colleen Barry, Director of Nutrition Services, Lindsey Nutting*, Odi Betancourt*, Elizabeth Eleftheriou*, and Paul Pezone, VP of Support Services & Technical Operations

Dr. Steven Levene*, Deb Stallings, Lead Radiation Therapist*, Joanne Patro, Radiation Therapy Tech*, and John Starkey, RN*

Susan Szydlo, RN*
Lynda Tolton, Grateful Patient

Dr. Andy Tremblay, Leslie Goldman, APRN*, and Dr. Les Pitts

Dr. Andy Tremblay and Anaka Nunnink, APRN*

Dr. Jim Suozzi, Dr. Ellen Stein*, and Dr. H. Sethi

Kim Farris, Clinical Leader, Becky Myott, RN*, and Amy Mathews, Senior Director, Patient Care Services



Congratulations to our Circle of Gratitude Honorees!


Cardiac Rehab:
Nancy McDade, Exercise Physiologist

Emergency Department:
Dr. John Curtis
Michelle Goodwin, LNA
Colleen Lauer, RN
Doug MacNeil, APRN
Sherolyn Martin, RN
JD Morse, ED Tech
Dr. Ellen Stein
Molly Teich, RN

Melanie Presnell, APRN

Environmental Services
Lucy Boutilette. Environmental Tech II/Trainer
Angela Burgos, Environmental Care Assistant
Jennifer Coull, Environmental Tech I
Kevin Cross, Environmental Services Tech
Ashley Figueroa, Environmental Care Assistant
Gabby Lahue, Environmental Care Assistant
Jessica Wright, Environmental Care Assistant

Family Medicine:
Dr. Rachel Croteau
Theresa Desilets, APRN
Kecia Felumb, LPN
Dr. Donald Mazanowski
Anaka Nunnink, APRN
Dr. Sheila Ramanathan
Susan Szydlo, RN Health Coordinator

Maureen Bailey, RN
Mary Bakalar, RN
Katelynn Bellows, LNA
Haley Bordner, Occupational Therapist
Tarcela Carel, LNA
Dr. John Ditri
Barbara Fisher, RN
Jeff French, RN
Mary Gwozdz, RN
Terry Hebert, RN
Sandra Henry, RN
Jozefa Ivanova, LNA
Laura Kolodziej, RN
Ellen Levasseur, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Judith Lightfoot, RN
Alison McFee
Marlana Merrill, LNA
Dannielle Perry, LNA
Deb Philbrook, LNA
Linda Ann Smith, LNA/HUC
Lori Stevens, RN
Sherrie Tyler, RN
Cindi Aipolo, Occupational Therapist

Farnum Out-Patient:
Kelli-Ann Abbott, Physical Therapist (2)
Natalie Boucher, Physical Therapist (2)
Joy Eck, Physical Therapist Assistant
Jim Hall, Physical Therapist
Josh Torrey, Physical Therapist

Float Pool:
Summer Birch, RN
Ashley Gale, LNA
Ben Smith, RN
Elizabeth Watkins, LNA/HUC

Dr. Jennifer DiNubila
Shelly Mitchell, LNA

Geriatrics and Palliative Care:
Jane Bridges, RN

Dr. Steven Levene
Dr. Robert Pritchard
John Starkey, RN

Dr. Haris Bilal
Dr. Matthew Guiltinan
Kate Ingram, APRN
Dr. Sandeep Randhawa
Dr. Scott Sherwin
Dr. Frederick Bruch

Amber Beam, RN
Kimberly Ginsberg, LNA
Krys Hamilton, RN
Terri Skantze, RN

Kingsbury Unit:
Meghan Harvey, RN
Jennifer Salmonson, RN
Jordan Cilley, LNA
Katelyn Conlon, RN

Nutritional Services:
Odi Bentancourt, Production Staff
Michelle Chamberlain, Production Staff
Jacob Conant, Production Staff
Betts Eleftheriou, Production Staff
Dave Lefebvre, Production Staff
Lindsey Nutting, Production Staff
Michelle Richards, Production Staff
Ashly St. Hilaire, Production Staff

Sarah Ellsworth, APRN-Midwife
Priya Deka

Occupational Therapy:
Sarah Dingman, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Tina Heath, Occupational Therapist
Ellen Levasseur, Recreational Therapist
Janet Ray-Thompson, Occupational Therapist

Dr. Arvind Randhawa
John Starkey, RN


Dr. Larry Jaeger

Dr. Cherie Holmes
Dr. Anthony Presutti

Dr. Paul Fachada

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit:
Terry Benda, LNA
Sally Bulger, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Colleen McKinnon, RN
Alana Michaud, LNA

Michelle Lincoln, APRN

Pulmonary Rehab:
Mary Ann Riley, Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator

Nancy Andino, Radiation Therapy Tech
Barbara Binkowski, Office Coordinator
Melinda Lake, Radiation Therapy Tech
Joanne Patro, Radiation Therapy Tech
Eliza Rae Beck, Radiation Therapy Tech
Debra Stallings, Lead Radiation Therapist

Social Work:
Lois Kitz, Social Worker
Elizabeth Pearsall, Case Management Social Worker

Thompson Unit:
Matt Ashley, LNA
Maggie Bard, RN
Betty Bass-Gray, RN
Alicia Bedard, LNA
Summer Birch, RN
Gail Bomba, LNA
Pam Burns, RN
Katherine Butler, RN
Noah Clay, LNA
Nate Cornwell, LNA
Trish Dlubac, RN
Meah Emery, LNA
Amy Farnum, RN
Alesha Figueroa, LNA
Ashley Flint, LNA
Amy Grant, LNA
Lisa Hanamoto, RN
Sarah Healey, RN
Sherry McCaw, LNA
Ellen McQuaid, RN
Sydney Mitchell, LNA
Becky Myott, RN
Hanna Patterson, LNA
Bonnie Paquette, RN
Kat Ramsey, LNA
Kerry Williams-Briggs, RN

Women and Children’s Health Unit (WACHU):
Mallory Armstrong, RN
Janelle Black, RN
Susan Bobka, Admin Assistant
Patricia Bowen, RN
Mel Boyd, RN
Chelsea Brackett, RN
Kim Braught, RN
Marilyn Buck, Doula Coordinator
Carmen Carignan, RN
Kate Carson, RN
Eileen Conklin, RN
Lisa Cresta, RN
Christina DeTurris, RN
Diana Dresser, RN
Kristi Farren, RN
Allyson Forrest, LNA
Logan Freeman, RN
Katelyn Gibbons, RN
Laurie Goodrich, RN
Gail Hayes, RN
Linda Kassotis, RN
Heather Keese, RN
Whitney Lawton-Linenbringer, RN
Felicia Leno, LNA
Molly Lower, RN
Debbie Malila, LNA
Emily Nichols, RN
Jen Osborne, RN
Brooke Paige, RN
Elaine Prescott-Austin, RN
Kim Vickery, RN