Cheshire Cancer Care

Cheshire Cancer Care: A Day of Giving
Saturday, May 7th


It is a strong possibility that you, or someone you know, has been touched by cancer. Men have a one in two chance of developing cancer in their lifetime, while for women the odds are one in three.

Cancer treatment can quickly create financial hardships for even the most economically secure families. For some, these hardships can prevent their loved one from getting the care they need. When you help us fundraise in support of, or make a gift directly to the Patient Relief & Cancer Care Fund, you can make a real difference in the life of someone undergoing treatment at the Dartmouth Cancer Center at Cheshire Medical Center:

  • $25 helps purchase a gas card
  • $35 helps with meals while undergoing treatment
  • $50 helps with insurance co-pays
  • $75 helps with utility costs
  • $100 helps cover the cost of groceries for a family
  • $175 funds the cancer support group for a week
  • $250 helps with rent or mortgage payments
  • $500 helps with oil to heat the house
  • $700 funds the cancer support group for a month

Your donation or individual fundraising efforts can also help Cheshire’s cancer patients by helping to fund specialized care equipment and suppport services. This has included past purchases of heated chemotherapy infusion chairs, a blanket warmer, a breast board for radiation treatments, and a patient lift. Your gifts also help fund the cancer support group. Taking the stress and discomfort out of treatment wherever possible is a gift you can help give to Cheshire’s cancer patients.

Making a difference in a cancer patient’s life is as simple as giving a gift using the form located below. Every donation – regardless of the amount – makes a difference, and stays right here in our community.

Is giving more meaningful to you when it is centered around an activity? Turn fundraising into a “team sport” and make an impact by joining together with friends, family and co-workers to fundraise through JustGiving. It’s as easy as setting your fundraising goal and then completing a task or challenge once it is met. Are you willing to shave your head for $1,000 in donations? Can you raise $500 by promising to eat the food you hate most while on camera? Maybe you will complete a mile run when your goal is met, or perhaps you’ll go skydiving for the first time! Your fundraising challenge will be unique to you, but when combined with the efforts of others will make a real impact in the lives of local cancer patients!

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!



For more information about Cheshire Cancer Care and how you can participate, please contact:
Jennifer Doyle, Communications & Events Specialist
603-354-5454 x 2116 or at

Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of local cancer patients!

For information about how you can join Cheshire Cancer Care as a sponsor, please contact:
Jim Boden, Director of Annual Giving
603-354-6810 or