Audiology Fund

Ashley Thompson, RN and Chastity Hodgeson, RN

Audiology Fund

Cheshire’s Audiology staff treats children and adults. Right now demand for audiology services is so high that the department is scheduling appointments two to three months into the future.

This is vital, time sensitive care for our patients, including infants who did not pass their Newborn Hearing Screenings, children experiencing speech and language delays, and older adults with hearing loss.

We need your help to raise $23,000 for a second sound proof booth and testing equipment for the Audiology Department. Having a second audio booth will significantly impact the care our staff is able to provide by increasing the number of testing appointments available to the many families in our community who are in need of these services.


For more information about making your gift, please contact:

By phone: (603) 354-6810
Jim Boden, Director of Annual Giving